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Colorado has always been a prime travel destination for Andrew, who loves all things Winter. Luckily, Southwest was having a ridiculous sale from IAD to DEN for $70 each way! It was a spontaneous decision but so worth it! We had a very action packed week and it just happened to be during the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang which made our experience feel more lively. We went snowboarding, snowmobiling, dog sledding, rock climbing, and hiking which kept us on our feet the entire trip. I can't wait to go on another snowboarding trip next year! Utah? Whistler? Hokkaido? Let's go!

Things I learned in Colorado 

  • Not a very diverse area BUT everyone was extremely friendly, welcoming, and nice. Heck, even the homeless people were polite when we said we had no cash, they replied "it's okay have a wonderful day!"

  • Snowmobiling is a lot of fun and surprisingly easy.

  • In Breckenridge, I had a hard time breathing, migraines, loss of appetite, and a rapid heartbeat. It dawned on me that it was due to altitude sickness because we were 10,000' above sea level. Be prepared!

  • When in Breckenridge, you have to check out Breckenridge Distillery.

  • The crowd at Vail are a bit older and more bougie.

  • Lift tickets are $$$$.

  • Weather is crazy different everywhere in Colorado. In Breckenridge it was snowy and really cold while in Denver was 50-60 degrees. We looked pretty ridiculous when we arrived in Denver with our parkas on. Also, it could be completely dry out and the next second you're driving up to a mountain that's completely covered in snow. I've never experience this kind of weather transition before.

  • Apparently it rarely ever snows in Denver but luckily we got to experience one night of snow in the city!

  • Everyone is wearing their fashionable outdoor gear.

GOOD TIMES ADVENTURES: Snowmobiling & Dog Sledding | SNOW CASTLES |  BRECKENDRIDGE: Snowboarding | BRECKENRIDGE APLINE COASTER | BRECKENDRIDGE DISTILLERY: Celebrity chef and former owner of D.C.'s restaurant Seasonal Pantry, Dan O'Brien cooked up a list of amazing dishes on this menu. It's the best place to eat in Breckenridge! | GLENWOOD HOT SPRINGS: World's Largest Hot Spring Pool. I honestly didn't feel like squeezing into a bathing suit especially in an overcrowded pool. | VAIL: Go skiing/snowboarding or checkout Vail Village! | KIMPTON BORN HOTEL: AWESOME location! | GARDEN OF GODS | REDROCKS: A really cool amphitheater for concerts and sightseeing. Bummed there were no shows playing while we were there. |  BOULDER: College town | BAR DOUGH | ROCKY MOUNTAIN: We wanted to check out Bear Lake and Emerald Lake but it was snowing so much that it was too dangerous. | SONDER COFFEE | AVIANO COFFEE | ACORN: THE SOURCE: Really recommend eating here! | REI FLAGSHIP: Rock climbing on The Pinnacle. The first climb for REI members is free and they're open only on Saturdays on a first come first serve basis. | SNOOZE: Very popular breakfast spot we opted out on. | OSAKA RAMEN | UNCLE: Stumbled upon this ramen restaurant and it was surprisingly delicious. | LITTLE MAN ICE CREAM: Def. go here! It's in a giant milk jug! | DENVER UNION STATION TERMINAL | THE DENVER CENTRAL MARKETLARIMER SQUARE | TOPO DESIGNS: Love all their products especially their backpacks! | AVANTI

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