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Andrew and I went to Hawaii for our honeymoon. Hawaii is an awesome paradise for honeymooners especially after all the crazy wedding planning. I'm not really a beach person but man, Hawaii was on a different level. It's beautiful, tropical, the sunsets are unreal, there's tons of SPAM, and it was really CHIIIIILL. Pretty sweet I would say! Thanks Andrew for coming up with the itinerary for our Hawaiimoon!

Surfer talk is not a stereotype, IT IS REAL! | Hawaiians love their spam as much as I do | Oahu's infrastructure looks like it's from the 90's | Maui's resorts truly make you feel like you're on a honeymoon, it's amazing! | Renting a convertible is a MUST! | Hawaiian leis are da bomb | Stay on the Northshore in Oahu because Waikiki is a tourist trap

TURTLE BAY RESORT | BANZAI PIPELINE | SHARK'S COVE (My favorite beach) | SUNSET BEACH | WAIMEA BAY | HANAMA BAY | MATSUMOTO'S SHAVED ICE | THE PIG AND THE LADY (hmm this is really popular but all the dishes we got were okay) | HALEIWA BOWLS | MANIFEST COFFEE | MUSUBI CAFE IYASUME (Musubi!) | REGAL BAKERY (overrated) | NORTHSHORE TACOS (Get the pineapple smoothie!) | MARUKAME UDON (There was a long line here so we tried it out and it was absolutely delicious! Best udon!) 

ANDAZ MAUI AT WAILEA (Definitely recommend this resort! We've been told many times it's the best place to stay in Maui) | MAMA'S FISH HOUSE (Very beautiful restaurant recommended by my friend Deborah. Nearby there's a beach where turtles layout) | GIOVANNI'S SHRIMP TRUCK (OMG I can still taste the garlic shrimp in my mouth. So delicious!) | THE ORIGINAL HAWAIIAN SHRIMP TRUCK (didn't have time) | SNORKELING AT MOLOKINI ISLAND | OLD LAHAINA LUAU (My favorite activity we did on this trip!) | ROAD TO HANA (Start your day early because this will take all day and the drive there was pretty dangerous so be careful! Here are some places we checked out along the way: Eucalyptus Tree Grove, Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach, Pools of Ohe'o,  Pipwai Trail to Waimoku Falls) | ESKIMO CANDY (Authentic Hawaiian Poke sometimes has a metallic taste I'm not a fan of. Luckily Eskimo Candy tasted the best because of their Spicy Tuna. Ask for double Spicy Tuna. It's so worth it! |  ULULANI'S SHAVED ICE (this place was okay) | TOBI'S SHAVE ICE (one of the better shaved ice we had!) | DA KITCHEN CAFE (The food looked amazing here but the taste was whatever) | SOUTH MAUI FISH COMPANY | ALOHA MIXED PLATE (Loco Moco dish is delish!) | WOW WOW HAWAIIAN LEMONADE (Probably one of the places I crave the most. Get the FROZEN Strawberry Lilikoi and the Haupia Ono bowl. Loved this place so much we went four times!) 

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