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Pacific Northwest

I've been meaning to post our trip to the Pacific Northwest for the longest time but I got so caught up with wedding planning that I never had the chance to upload these photos. So now that Andrew and I are married and the never-ending wedding planning is finally over, I can share with y'all our adventures! Here we go... 

Andrew and I flew into Portland, Oregon late April and stayed at the Portland Tiny House where we were just footsteps away from a chicken coop and freshly laid eggs. Although the house was compact, it was absolutely adorable, well furnished, and had all your essential needs. The tiny house is located in the homeowner's backyard and they made us feel right at home. The owners were very sweet by the way! We explored all over the city as well some mountains, waterfalls, and beaches within such a limited time. I definitely appreciated all the weird quirks that Portland had to offer. 

We eventually packed up our boots and headed up north to Seattle. Andrew and I have been eyeballing this city for quite some time to see if it's a right fit for us. It has the best of both worlds. A city life for myself and a scenic/snowboarding lifestyle for Andrew. Also it has all four seasons on the west coast which is pretty sweet. We ate tons of delicious food, shot our epic engagement shoot with the very talented Jordan Voth, and got to kick back with a few of our good friends. We absolutely loved it and had tons of fun! We're still determining whether or not we're willing to relocate but if we do, we'll be sure to let y'all know. ;)

As usual, I put together a list of things-to-do, a video, and some photos for all those who are traveling to the Pacific Northwest. Hope you enjoy!

TEA BAR (Bubble tea), SWEEDEEDEESALT & STRAWPOK POK (The pictures on Yelp don't look very appetizing but trust me, it is! Get the Fish Sauce Spicy Wings, Kung Op Wun Sen, and Papaya Pok Pok), GOOD COFFEE (Very cute!), MULTNOMAH FALLSNONG'S KHAO MAN GAI (We couldn't go because their hours are weird but heard great things about this place), CANNON BEACHSTUMPTOWN COFFEE ROASTER at ACE HOTEL (Nice for instagram tehe), VOODOO DONUTS (Skipped this because of the long line), BLUE STAR DONUTSBRIDGE AND BURNLARDOGRASSA (Squid Ink pasta!), MAURICE, KIZUKI RAMEN & IZAKAYABOXER RAMEN (didn't have time), OLYMPIA PROVISIONS (didn't have time), MAAK LAB (looks cool but that's about it), COOPERS HALL (didn't have time)

ELM COFFEE, IL CORVO, SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARYPIKE PLACE MARKET GUM WALLSTARBUCKS (Original) (We stopped by but didn't even bother to go in), STARBUCKS RESERVE (Now this is worth going to!), PIKE PLACE CHOWDERMELROSE MARKETGLASSWINGSTATESIDE (Delicious Vietnamese food), TOTOKAELO (Lovely visual display but way overpriced), LONDON PLANE (One-stop shop that consists a cafe, grocery, store and floral shop. We grabbed breakfast here before our engagement shoot while I waited for my floral crown at the flower shop. Very cute!), DICK'S DRIVE-IN (The burger is similar to Sonic's but it's just one of those places you gotta try in Seattle. It's a staple!), DIN TAI FUNG (pretty good Dim Sum), FREMONT TROLL (Although this is a tourist spot, I find it quite neat! It's especially cool when you're driving up the hill and you slowly see the troll creep up from the distance), WALRUS & THE CARPENTERLUCCA GREAT FINDSHOT CAKES (It was delicious but I felt mad fat after this), PASEO CARIBBEAN FOOD (UM DELICIOUS!), UN BIEN (Owned by the son's of Paseo Caribbean Food. Goodness gracious! These Cuban sandwiches are no joke! Although it's almost identical, I preferred Un Bien over Paseo),  SNOQUALMIE FALLS MT. RAINIER (MUST DO!), REVEL (Didn't have time), EMP MUSEUM (Cool exterior but that's about it), ODDFELLOWS CAFE & BAR (Popular spot! The food is pretty simple but it hits the spot), LA PUSH (didn't have time), GENERAL PORPOISE DONUTS (Cute spot but the donuts are whateves), SERIOUS PIERATTLESNAKE LEDGE (Um, we thought this was going to be a short and simple hike. WRONG! We ended up hiking up an entire mountain with a box of croissants in my hand), VANCE CREEK BRIDGE (We didn't want to get fined so we skipped this spot), MOLLY MOON'S (I loved this ice cream shop! It's so simple yet delicious! Definitely add-on the sprinkles! I tried to eat this everyday but it didn't workout), 45TH STOP N SHOP & POKE BAR (Recommended by our friend Grace. First time experience eating Poke and we absolutely loved it!)  DIABLO LAKE at the NORTHERN CASCADES (Where we shot our engagement shoot)

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