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I'm so late on my Paris post but better late than never! 

The last time I was in Paris was in 2008 and I only had 36 hours to explore the city. This time around I was able to see more of what Paris had to offer. The city architecture is absolutely stunning and the plethora of museums makes you feel like you're walking through history. Paris is romanticized and adored by many as the city of love which is why I love the idea of it so much. Listening to someone play classics on the accordion while sipping tea outside a cafe would make any heart swoon! My favorite part of the trip was when Andrew and I took a 3.5 hour train ride to Normandy to see Mont Saint-Michel. Now that was crazy cool! If I were to visit France again, I'd probably stay in Paris for two days max and explore the southern region such as Nice. 


  • Finding a 24 hour convenience store was nearly impossible

  • A lot of the Paris AirBnbs are tinier than NYC apartments! Meaning bathrooms in bedrooms and bedrooms in dining rooms. I noticed a lot of places use a sofa bed as their master bed.

  • Escargots are surprisingly good but one was enough for me!

  • Be weary of scammers and pickpocketers especially at the train station.

  • There are soldiers securing all the major monuments which made us feel safe in crowded areas.

  • Go to the Eiffel Tower early in the morning to avoid large crowds of tourists. And if you go at night make sure to eat a crepe under the tower. Psst..it's more romantic that way!

  • I'm not too keen on the idea of sandwiches/baguettes as my main source of food so it was hard to find good street food in France.

  • There are cafes and cafes and more cafes.


LOUVRE | MUSEE D'ORSAY | JARDIN DES TUILERIES | MOULIN ROUGE | CAFE DES DEUX MOULIN: one of my favorite films "Amelie" was shot at this cafe | LA MAISON ROSE | SACRED HEART | LE JACOBINE | EIFFLE TOWER | ARC DE TRIOMPHE | LADUREE FLAGSHIP STORE: yes, they have locations in the U.S. but the ones in Paris are on another level! | POMPIDOU: not enough time | MERCI: closed on the day we went |  L'AS DU FALLAFEL: very popular but didn't find anything all that special about it | NOTRE DAME | AU VIEUX PARIS | BERTHILLON MONT SAINT MICHEL: must see at least once in your life! | PALACE OF VERSAILLES 

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