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Quebec City

For our 1 year anniversary, Andrew and I decided to take a quick weekend getaway to Québec City. We liked the small-town feel and how the city looked so romantic! I couldn't help but notice there were a ton of Korean female tourists in this city. I'm almost certain it's because they all watched the popular kdrama "Goblin". The locals were probably wondering why these tourists were taking so many selfies at a hotel mailbox or blowing dandelions on a hill that overlooks the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. Although I thought it was funny, it occurred to me that I was doing the same thing! If you guys have no idea what I'm talking about then just go watch the trailer here: Video 1Video 2. The trip was short and sweet, just like our 1st year of marriage!


  • The city is really small and you could probably see everything within two days

  • You don't need a car to get around

  • French Canadians are very friendly and sweet

  • When people told me there are a lot of "French speaking people" I had no idea that meant everyone and everything. All the signs are in French, the radio station is in French, our Uber drivers spoke French!

  • There's poutine everywhere or what Andrew calls it, "Squeaky Cheese with fries and gravy"

  • I was caught off guard with all the hills and steps we had to climb to get around. Wear sneakers!

  • Make sure to try the Maple Syrup Taffy Candy which is a quintessential Canadian sweet

FAIRMONT LE CHATEAU FRONTENAC: most photographed hotel in the world | LE CHAMPLAIN RESTAURANT: celebrated our anniversary dinner here! it's inside the Fairmont le Chateau Frontenac hotel | PARC DU BASTION: hill overlooking the Fairmont Hotel! Great for a picnic! | PETIT CHAMPLAIN | LE CHIC SHACK | MONTMORENCY FALLS | FUNICULAIR | BASILIQUE CATHEDRAL OF NOTRE DAME | LA MAISON SMITH: this location had cute outdoor seating | TUTTO GELATO | RUE DU TRESOR | CHOCOLATO VIEUX-QUEBEC: yes! ice cream! | PAILLARD | CAFE ST-MALO: one of the better meals we had on the trip. it's super quaint! | LA BUCHE

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