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Andrew and I took a spontaneous trip to Richmond because we both had MLK day off. The last time we visited was about 2 years ago and since then, there has been a ton of development which includes breweries, street art, boutiques, coffeeshops, and of course -  the hipsters. We'll definitely be back again since there was so much more to see!

QUIRK HOTEL : Such a quirky hotel! Restaurant, coffee shop, gift shop, art gallery, all-in-one! | EATERY : Don't let the dingy space deceive you! The fried chicken at this joint is notorious for being delicious! | NEED SUPPLY CO. | FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE | SUGAR TWINE | JDH BEV'S HOMEMADE ICE CREAM | FANCY BISCUIT : Get The Big Apple or The Big Poppy! Delicious! | THE VEIL BREWING CO. : Really enjoyed this hip brewery! Served beers in wine glasses. Classy! | HARDYWOOD | ARDENT CRAFT ALES | HOFFGARDEN | LAMPLIGHTER | PROPER PIES : Mini pies! | SUB ROSA BAKERY | METZGER BAR & BUCHERY : Read that this was a must try place. Found it to be a bit lackluster and overpriced | LUNCH & SUPPER : Good hearty brunch! | WHISK |  LAURA LEE'S | SABAI : Really wanted to try this cute place but not enough time | MAYMONT PARK | BELLE ISLE

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