Janette Kim Photography


Four Times a Charm

On the 25th of May, I celebrated my 23rd birthday again, for the fourth time! My all time favorite place is Terrain at Styers, which is a whimsical spot located in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania. When I discovered it last May, it was pure love at first sight and my heart overflowed with glee. Ever since then my best friend/boyfriend/second shooter promised to celebrate my next birthday there so I waited patiently for a year. When the day arrived, we took a two hour trip to visit the beautiful Longwood Gardens and ended the day with a perfect meal at Terrain at Styers café. I probably pointed at every corner and crevice screaming, "S'CUTE!" a hundred times. To capture, cherish, and collect these precious moments, I documented the trip through photographs including a fun 15 second Instagram video. Special thank you to Andrew for being my chauffeur during the long road trip, planning the fun-filled day at Longwood Gardens, letting me order whatever my heart desired on the menu, and sticking by my side to celebrate another beautiful year. You da best.